Your Health Matters – Women’s healthcare, pregnancy and delivery, newborn and Well-Child visits

Broadcasted: 11:25 AM, July 8, 2022 – Ryan Nelson, Kern Living, 23ABC. Anu Rao, MD, Pediatrician, Omni Family Health.

Omni Family Health Pediatrician Anu Rao, MD, speaks about the importance of women’s healthcare, pregnancy, and delivery, newborn and Well-Child checks.

Let Omni Family Health help you welcome your little bundle of joy by monitoring your pregnancy and assisting in a healthy delivery. We offer prenatal care and labor and delivery services. In addition, our caring and compassionate pediatricians will take care of your newborn, ensuring they get all necessary vaccinations and exams on time and with a smile. If you are expecting or have a little one call us today at (866) 707-OMNI (66 64) to schedule an appointment. Follow us on social media.

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