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Sliding Fee Scale and Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Omni Family Health is a community-based health center, not-for-profit organization committed to ensuring that all patients have access to care. Omni Family Health works hard to balance that commitment with our need to operate responsibly and continue our services.

If you have questions or need assistance paying for your visit, please read our sliding scale policy and contact Omni Family Health for further assistance.

We are obligated to evaluate your individual financial circumstances and work with you to identify the best options you qualify for. Assisting you is our priority.

Sliding Fee Scale Policy

Omni Family Health will see all patients regardless of the ability to pay. We offer a sliding fee discount based on family size and income.

Sliding fee scale discounts are available to patients with incomes at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, as published and updated annually in the Federal Register. Sliding fee scale discounts apply to all services in Omni Family Health Federal 330 Grant scope-of-service.

Sliding Fee Discount Application Form

For more information and to apply for a sliding fee discount, fill out the Sliding Fee Discount Application form and bring it on your next visit along with any of the following items:

  • W-2 form
  • Recent tax returns
  • Last two (2) pay stubs
  • Social Security
  • Unemployment check stubs

If you are a new patient, visit our New Patients page to prepare for your first visit.

To find a health center near you, visit our Locations page.

The following table specifies categories based on family size and household annual income

2023 Gross Household Annual IncomeAt or below 100% of FPGAt or below 125% of FPGAt or below 150% of FPGAt or below 175% of FPGAt or below 200% of FPGAt or above 201% of FPG
Family sizeIf you make no more than:If you make no more than:If you make no more than:If you make no more than:If you make no more than:If you make more than:
Each additional person above 8$5,140
Charges$25.00$30.00$35.00$40.00$45.00Full charge

The following table specifies service fees by category based on the sliding fee scale (above)

Type of ServiceAt or below 100% of FPGAt or below 125% of FPGAt or below 150% of FPGAt or below 175% of FPGAt or below 200% of FPGAt or above 201% of FPG
Medical visit$25.00$30.00$35.00$40.00$45.00Full charge
Mental health visit$25.00$30.00$35.00$40.00$45.00Full charge
Chiropractic visit$25.00$30.00$35.00$40.00$45.00Full charge
Laboratory – Basic lab tests are included with medical visit. Reference laboratory tests are excluded.Full charge
Radiology – Basic X-Rays including chest and extremities (arm and legs). Consulting radiology interpretations are excluded.Full charge
Pharmacy – Medication, only includes formulary, are available for a maximum of a 90-day supply.
*In addition, 340b charges are provided at cost to the patient.
$10.00*$15.00*$20.00*$25.00*$30.00*Full charge
Dental – Basic services – Emergency, preventive, and restorative are provided at the following amounts.
*In addition, supplies and lab fees are provided at cost to the patient.
$25.00*$30.00*$35.00*$40.00*$45.00*Full charge
Dental – Major dental procedures (i.e., root canal, bridges, partials, dentures, etc.)
*In addition, supplies and lab fees are provided at cost to the patient.
$45.00*50%60%70%80%Full charge
Optometry exam$10.00$11.00$12.00$13.00$14.00Full charge
All eyeglasses frames and lenses are provided the following discounts: however, contact lenses are not a benefit.50%50%50%50%50%Full charge

Health Insurance

Omni Family Health accepts most insurance plans; however, medical insurance is not required to receive services. Medi-Cal, Medicare, and Denti-Cal are accepted forms of healthcare coverage. No individual is denied service on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, economic status, age, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.

Healthcare Coverage Enrollment Assistance

Our Enrollment Specialists can assist you! Just call to answer a few simple questions and we’ll do the rest.

  • You could save hundreds or even thousands when purchasing your health coverage through Covered California
  • There is more financial help than ever before
  • All of our Certified Enrollment Counselors are bilingual

State-Funded Programs Accepted At Omni Family Health

Omni Family Health is committed to making your health care our personal responsibility. That commitment to you begins with providing outstanding patient care and the respectful financial experience you deserve.

Whether you’re a new or existing patient, you will easily find answers to your questions about state-funded insurance programs offered by Omni Family Health, payment options, and our sliding scale program qualifications and covered services.

State-Funded Program

Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program

Californians diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer may qualify for free treatment.

State-Funded Program

California Family PACT | Planning Access Care Treatment (FPACT)

This program is offered to residents of California that seek family planning needs. You must be able to get pregnant or cause a pregnancy to qualify, but you cannot be pregnant and be on this program.
FPACT covers various birth control methods, family planning counseling and education, sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, cervical cancer screening (Pap smear), and a limited amount of fertility services.

State-Funded Program

COVID-19 Uninsured Group Program

This program covers COVID-19 diagnostic testing, testing-related services, and treatment services at no cost to the individual for up to 12 months or the end of the public health emergency, whichever comes first.

State-Funded Program

Every Woman Counts (EWC)

The Every Woman Counts program provides free breast and cervical cancer screenings and diagnostic services to California’s underserved population.

EWC covers cervical cancer screenings for women 21 years and older, and breast cancer screenings for women 40 years and older who are low income, have no or limited health insurance, and are not getting these services through Medi-Cal or another government program.

EWC will cover screenings for women who show some warning signs and/or symptoms of breast cancer regardless of the woman’s age.

State-Funded Program

Gateway (CHDP program)

This is an automated pre-enrollment process for non-Medi-Cal, uninsured children. Gateway serves as an entry point for ongoing health care coverage. It provides the uninsured child with a complete health assessment for the early detection and prevention of disease and disabilities.

State-Funded Program

Presumptive Eligibility

This program grants immediate, temporary Medi-Cal coverage for prenatal healthcare and prescription drugs for conditions related to pregnancy to low-income, pregnant patients, pending their formal Medi-Cal application.

State-Funded Program

Vaccine for Children (VFC)

The Vaccines for Children (VFC) program is a federally funded program that provides vaccines at no cost to children who might not otherwise be vaccinated because of inability to pay. Children who are eligible for VFC vaccines are entitled to receive those vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

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