Virtual Visits

Before your appointment day

Virtual Visit email confirmation

Make sure you have received a text or email with the appointment confirmation from Omni Family Health.

Click on the Join Visit button

Save Omni Family Health’s phone number and email address as a contact to ensure our calls and emails are not blocked.

On your appointment day

Virtual Visit email confirmation

An Omni staff member will call you at the time of your appointment.

Click on the Join Visit button

Our staff will ask you to open the appointment reminder email or text message and click the ‘Join Visit’ button.

Complete the intake form

Complete the required consent forms; then click the ‘Join Visit’ button.

You are ready to talk to your doctor via video call

See your provider on a HIPAA-compliant Virtual Visit.

Improved Patient Workflow!

We have released a full user experience redesign to make the patient pre-visit workflow quicker and easier to follow. Join your visit with fewer clicks!

  Download User Guide  

Download Omni's Virtual Visit Patient Guide

PLEASE NOTE: Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge do NOT support Virtual Appointments on any device. To learn more about supported browsers and devices, check out our Device and Connection Guide.

Download Omni's Virtual Visit Patient Guide

Test Your Device

Have you checked your phone, computer, or tablet for Virtual Visit compatibility? We highly recommend doing so before your first visit to avoid any technical snags at the time of your visit.

  Let’s Run A Quick Test  

Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are your device or browser needs to be updated, or you need to adjust the privacy settings to allow applications such as a web browser access to your device’s camera and microphone.

Please try the TEST YOUR DEVICE link, review the Devices and Connections Guide at the bottom of the page, or contact your practice. If you are still experiencing issues, call us at (866) 707-OMNI (66 64).

You will need either a strong, private Wi-FI connection or a 4G LTE cellular connection.

Remember, if you do not have a strong internet or cellular connection, your video or audio quality may not be ideal.

Virtual Visit is supported on Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers.

Click here for more information on browsers and devices.

Virtual Visits incur no additional costs. Your Virtual Visit will be billed to your insurance company. All insurance is accepted, including Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans and Medicare. Expect normal co-pays, co-insurance, or visit fees for Virtual Visits appointments. Omni Family Health will see all patients, regardless of the ability to pay. For uninsured patients, we offer a sliding fee discount based on family size and income. Please call for more information.

Joining your visit:
Look for the confirmation text or reminder emails from Omni Family Health with your secure visit link. Click the JOIN VISIT button to see your provider.

Ending your visit:
When you are finished with your visit, click END VISIT to wrap things up.

Omni Family Health has allotted an amount of time before your scheduled visit in which you are able to complete your pre-visit requirements. If you are attempting to join a little early, don’t worry. Let’s run a quick test on your device to ensure you are ready to go. If your provider joins first, and you have completed your pre-visit requirements, you will be brought to the visit room to see your provider.

To make an appointment, ask a medical question, or refill a prescription call (866) 707-OMNI (66 64)

You can copy and paste your link and send it to the device you will be using at the time of your visit.

Please note, for security purposes, the support team is unable to resend your visit link. Please contact Omni Family Health at (866) 707-OMNI (66 64) if you need additional help.