Your Health Matters | Oral Cancer

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month! Kyriaki Bouraki, DDS dentist at Omni Family Health, and Ryan Nelson from Kern Living take this important time to raise awareness about oral cancer’s risk factors, signs, and symptoms. Oral cancer can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender, and early detection is crucial for successful treatment. By increasing awareness about the disease, we can encourage individuals to take preventive measures such as getting regular oral cancer screenings and practicing good oral hygiene. With early detection and treatment, the survival rate for oral cancer can be significantly improved. Let’s work together to spread the word and make a positive impact on oral cancer awareness!

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Broadcasted: 11:00 AM, April 11, 2023 – Ryan Nelson, Kern Living, 23ABC. Kyriaki Bouraki, DDS, Dentist at Omni Family Health.

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