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Kids Cavity Prevention

Dental Cavities

When you eat sugary foods, bacteria in the mouth turn the sugar into acid. The acid weakens the tooth and causes white spots. If you keep eating sugar, white spots turn into cavities. Cavities can lead to severe infections.

The more often you eat sugary foods, the more likely cavities will form.


  • Start as soon as you see teeth
  • Small soft toothbrush
  • Small smear of fluoride toothpaste
  • Keep toothpaste out of child’s reach
  • Sit or stand behind your child when you brush
  • Brush gums and teeth
  • No food or drink after brushing at bedtime
Omni Family Health Hispanic Boy Black and White Stripped Shirt with Brushing Teeth with Blue Toothbrush
Omni Family Health Fruits and Grain Crackers in a Green Tupperware


  • One sugar-free snack between meals
  • No “grazing”
  • Healthier snacks such as cheese, vegetables, fresh fruit, plain crackers, Cheerios™, and pretzels


  • Hold your child when bottle feeding
  • Only use formula or breast milk in bottles
  • No bottles in bed
  • Stop using the bottle by 12 months old


  • Introduce cup at 6-9 months old
  • Do not let your child carry around a bottle or sippy cup
  • For children one year and older, offer only milk or water between meals
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