John Church Biography

John was born in Southern California and has lived in Fresno, California since 1983. John has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and he earned his Master of Public Administration from the University of San Francisco. He is a member of several healthcare organizations both in California and the nation. John has over 35 years of healthcare experience with health centers, rural health clinics, hospitals, and physician medical groups. He served as an auditor for the California Department of Health Services and Ernst & Young.  He has served as a CFO for health centers, hospitals and management services organizations. For the past thirty years he has been a healthcare consultant for health centers, hospitals and other healthcare organizations. John has performed consulting engagements in the areas of managed care, contracting, physician relations, reimbursement and strategic planning. John continues to perform HRSA Technical Assistance consulting engagements with health centers, including the “old PCER reviews”, New Start Visits, and OSV’s throughout the nation. John has provided governance and fiscal consulting services to almost 30% of the 1,400 community health centers in the nation over the past 24 years.