Immune Support Program (ISP) Coordinator

Location: Hanford

Job Summary:   The Immune Support Program (ISP) Coordinator is responsible for quality improvement (QI) and participates in various activities that evaluate and document compliance of Ryan White, Part C and related grant funded vendors in their adherence to comprehensive public health service guidelines and other standards of care for persons living with HIV and AIDS.  This position is responsible for coordination of activities involved in QI. In addition, this positon receives instructions, guidance, and reports to the Immune Support Program (ISP) Manager on matters relevant to Ryan White and related grant(s). This position will coordinate the development of assessment tools and processes to be utilized during QI reviews with the Quality Improvement program. Develop and conduct technical assistance workshops to address required changes to local standards. Represents Omni Family Health (OFH) in the community, interacting and networking with community service agencies that provide services to HIV positive individuals and their families. Cultivates and maintains communication and networking with multi-ethnic organizations in the HIV/AIDS community. This position will also be responsible for providing direct medical and non-medical case management services to clients of the program and will assist patients in  access into the program and coordinate various wrap around services (e.g., medication assistance, housing, mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling, transportation and legal services).  This position is non-exempt under CA wage order and Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA).

  Job Duties:

  1. Functions as part of a team in the provision of patient care and performance of daily activities.
  2. Develop excellence in case management services, which will enrich and enhance the quality of life, dignity and respect of people infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS.
  3. Conduct a comprehensive assessment and administer an acuity scale to determine the medical, psychosocial, and social service needs of HIV+ clients. Face to face and phone contact with clients completed at minimum of once every 30 days.
  4. Ensure clients are enrolled in medical care and receive appropriate referrals to needed services as established in case plan.
  5. Advocate for clients and assist them in the procurement of benefits and services. Provide necessary information, referrals for established care plans and advocate for client needs,
  6. Responsible for entering all required client related data into Next Gen within two (2) business days of completing the service.
  7. Timely professional maintenance of records and documentation, including progress notes, treatment plans and ongoing evaluation of client progress, consistent with agency expectations and ethical standards.
  8. Assists the ISP Manager in monitoring the quality assurance and evaluation process ensuring contract compliance and outcome and process objectives for clients and their families are met.
  9. Assists in the preparation of monthly narrative and statistical reports covering progress toward meeting outcome and process objectives established in the case management contract.
  10. Follow all confidentiality and HIPPA guidelines and protocols.
  11. Provide AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) and Ryan White enrollment to own caseload and ensure all eligible clients complete the ADAP enrollment process.
  12. Increase relationships and communication with other Omni Family Health programs and locations. Represent Omni Family Health to other organizations and community groups. Network with other AIDS service providers.
  13. Support and participate in activities and group events organized by Omni Outreach Department.
  14. Participate in all multi-disciplinary team meetings, staff meetings, and selective staff development trainings, as directed.
  15. Maintain a flexible schedule to allow for some weekend work as well as emergency coverage of shifts to meet the needs/demands of clients and related activities and events. This will include travel to other facilities as well as working evenings and/or weekends.
  16. Coordinate and post weekly schedules, advising ISP Manager with any changes or time-off requests.
  17. Performs other work-related duties as assigned. Additional duties may be given either verbally or in writing.


Additional Duties:

  1. HIPAA compliance - Responsible for maintaining abreast of and in compliance with all HIPAA regulations and requirements. Treats all member information confidential.
  2. Compliance - Ensure compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.
  3. QA/QI - Participate in QA/QI activities and contribute towards the overall performance improvement of the organization.
  4. IT - Required to learn and to use the Electronic Health Record and Practice Electronic System and its components. As required by the job functions and highlighted in the Policies and Procedures. These components include NextGen, PMS, QSI and other electronic features, as they are developed and implemented, as applicable to work environment.
  5. All employees will participate in Patient Centered Health Home Model at Omni Family Health.


Performance Requirements:

  1. Knowledge of organizational policies, regulations and procedures to administer patient care.
  2. Knowledge of common safety hazards and precautions to establish a safe work environment.
  3. Ability to identify problems, provide information and provide alternative solutions.
  4. Skilled in preparing and maintaining records, writing reports and responding to correspondence.
  5. Skilled in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with patients, medical staff and the public.
  6. Ability to work independently with minimum on/off site supervision.
  7. Ability to maintain quality control standards.
  8. Ability to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations.
  9. Ability to interpret, adapt and apply appropriate written guidelines and work practices.
  10. Ability to communicate clearly.

Qualifications, Experience, and Education:


  • Bachelor’s Degree in human services or related field or high school degree with 2 years’ experience working in non-profit social service or public health agency.


  • Experience with and sensitivity to LGBT-related cultural concerns. Knowledge of health and psychosocial issues concomitant to HIV disease. Previous HIV field experiences a plus.


  • Current valid California driver’s license and access to insured vehicle required.


  • Exercise tact, objectivity, sensitivity, strategy and judgment in dealing with a variety of people with a variety of co-occurring disorders.
  • Understanding and use of basic office equipment: Computer literacy required, proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint), projectors, various software including ARIES, and Microsoft office.
  • Preference will be given to individuals with the ability to communicate in Spanish and English; written and verbal.
  • Knowledge and understanding of customs, beliefs, and needs of consumer group(s) served.