Patient Outreach & Enrollment Supervisor (Bilingual-English and Spanish)

Job Summary:   Supervises the Patient Outreach & Enrollment Department.   The Supervisor position manages daily activity, communicates company goals, guides the team, and provides direction and guidance to all POES. Responsible for providing health care systems navigation for patients who qualify under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Ace (ACA), Immigration Reform (IR) or 3rd Party Payors, etc. Patient Outreach & Enrollment Supervisor (POES) Services may include, but are not limited to guiding patients through the health care system, helping them to complete insurance paperwork, assisting patients in obtaining financial help for their medical services, directing to their health care services for further diagnosis and treatment, identifying local resources and support, keeping track of and help patients get to their appointments, talking to the patients’ doctors and/or nurses, and providing patients additional health care information.  Many patients are Spanish speakers and fluency in Spanish as well as familiarity with the regional Hispanic culture is required.


In addition, the ideal candidate must support mission and goal achievement, organizational quality and the patient-centered medical home philosophy we operate by.  Incorporate core organizational values of quality, respect, integrity, partnership, and compassion in all activities and decisions.  Perform community outreach and marketing to increase Omni Family Health (OFH) effectiveness in responding to the healthcare access needs of persons living in Kern County. Increase the number of area residents, especially those who qualify for the guidelines set by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, who have access to primary and preventive health care services by identifying those eligible for publicly-sponsored insurance programs and other social services and assisting persons identified to navigate the enrollment process to secure needed services.  Ensure that newly enrolled members of publicly-funded insurance programs understand how their insurance plan works and have a functional relationship with an appropriate primary care provider. Protect the dignity, privacy, and confidentiality of patients and their families, as well as co-workers and others.


Job Duties:

Patient Outreach & Enrollment Supervisor Tasks and Responsibilities (75% of workload)

  1. Promote the Patient Outreach & Enrollment Specialist (POES) within the Health Center, at other health care services that feed and draw from the Health Center, to local groups, organizations and institutions, which are stakeholders in the improvement of cancer health disparities areas.


  1. Perform all day to day, in Health Center POES tasks
  2. Assist patients to accurately complete application (s) and successfully enroll/re-enroll into government sponsored health insurance programs or 3rd Party Payors, etc.
  3. Frequent travel expected
  4. Ability to put consumer at ease while asking sensitive and personal questions.
  5. Actively encourage and enroll new members by meeting program standards for application completion and lead generation.
  6. Provide support and guidance to all POES
  7. Strong Organizational skills
  8. Effective communication skills
  9. Provide and run reports daily, weekly, monthly for accuracy and to insure POES are within production standards
  10. Provide monthly audits in PointCare data base to verify all POES are charting correctly
  11. Provide POES month team meetings for reviews and updates
  12. Outreach event and onsite visits on locations are needed for monitoring POES productivity and to ensure program processes being followed and adhered to.
  13. Constant communication with direct Supervisor
  14. Assist Marketing with Grand Openings, Ground Breaking, and Omni events
  15. Ability to take direction and work well independently and with others
  16. Participates in Quality Improvement activities and training programs as required and/or appropriate.
  17. Perform other duties as assigned


Supervisor Duties:

  1. Directly supervise Patient Outreach & Enrollment Specialist program staff team members as assigned
  2. Evaluate Patient Outreach & Enrollment Specialist performance and competency
  3. Enforce OFH policies and procedures
  4. Orient new staff
  5. Staff Scheduling
  6. Oversee departmental quality assurance
  7. Communicate changing needs to Director
  8. Order Supplies for department
  9. Assist with annual budget and capital expenditures
  10. Work with Marketing Partner, Supervisors and Health Center Managers to grow and promote the Patient Outreach & Enrollment Specialist and the many services we provide
  11. Work with designated Health Center to establish a patient profile for enrollments in the Patient Outreach & Enrollment Specialist program
  12. Oversee collection, management Security and maintenance of project-related data, especially those required to demonstrate achievement of project metrics
  13. Assure that all required reporting is completed accurately and in a timely manner according to established deadlines
  14. Assess Target Markets and develop a plan to reach that Market
  15. Track and calculate patient count for prospective grants for Medical Assistants, Health Educators, District Administrators and Executive Staff.
  16. Run PointCare reports and Navigator reports weekly
  17. Submit bi-weekly report cards to direct supervisor
  18. Track POES progress reports weekly
  19. Complete State Navigator and Federal CEC training course and pass all certification exams
  20. Strong ability to multi-task
  21. Handle sensitive and personal information with an understanding and respect for client and employee confidentiality
  22. Follows up on all documents and reports for data collection
  23. Keep track of all outreach hours for accounts payable and do required employee reviews in a timely manner
  24. Ability to present a professional image at all times.


Administrative Reporting:

  1. Collect and summarize process data for all Grant reporting
  2. Assist in the collection of all data
  3. Maintain and regularly update project data



  1. Meet monthly face to face with POES to report and review program progress
  2. Maintain weekly communication with all POES
  3. Communicate with Health Center Managers, District Health Services Administrators and other service/health-related organizations with access to target population to identify status or services and coordinate patient care
  4. Possess strong interpersonal communication skills; is outgoing, very sensitive and aware of needs of public health clients who experience serious health problems and who have limited resources to address those in need


Training Requirements:

  1. Complete State Navigator and Federal CEC training course and pass all certification exams through Covered California


Responsible To:         Director of Business Services

Classification:             Full Time Position, Exempt