Immune Support Program Manager

Job Summary:           The Immune Support Program (ISP) Program Manager is responsible for coordination of the program, supervision of the Early Intervention Services (EIS) Staff, and FOCUS HIV/HBV/HCV Screening Grant. This position reports to the Director of Clinical Services (DCS).

Job Duties:

  1. Functions as part of a team in the provision of patient care and performance of daily activities.
  2. Provides technical assistance for program staff and OFH staff as required.
  3. Performs triage of participant patient phone calls as appropriate.
  4. As a supervisor, is responsible for recruitment, orientation, evaluation, and counseling of program employees. Completes employee performance appraisals.
  5. Development of and utilization of community network and resources to provide program participants with services.
  6. On-going identification of patients, patient service areas and educational opportunities.
  7. Development and application of case management model that provides coordination within the service areas.
  8. Participation in outside agency programs that relate to the provision of services for the patient population served.
  9. Oversees and participates in outreach and follow-up activities as required.
  10. Monitor compliance with funding objectives and standards of care per grant requirements and other regulatory agencies.
  11. Travels to different sites of assignment as required.
  12. Provision of psychosocial counseling services to program participants and clinic patients as required.
  13. Assists providers in assessing patient services for program participants as required.
  14. Coordinates the referral of patients and the appropriate follow-up of referrals as directed by the clinician staff.
  15. Participates in nursing staff meetings.
  16. Assists in training, orientation and skill check-off of new staff in conjunction with the DCS.
  17. Supervision and development of HIV clinical testing program at all sites of service and appropriate outreach areas.
  18. Responsible for monitoring compliance with grant objective and standards of care.
  19. Participate in staff and community meetings as assigned.
  20. Responsible for maintaining compliance with budgetary requirements.
  21. Performs other duties as assigned or required.

 Additional Duties:

  1. HIPAA compliance – Responsible for maintaining abreast of and in compliance with all HIPAA regulations and requirements. Treats all member information confidential.
  2. Compliance – Ensure compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.
  3. QA/QI – Participate in QA/QI activities and contribute towards the overall performance improvement of the organization.
  4. IT – Required to learn and to use the Electronic Health Record and Practice Electronic System and its components. As required by the job functions and highlighted in the Policies and Procedures. These components include NextGen, PMS, QSI and other electronic features, as they are developed and implemented, as applicable to work environment.
  5. All employees will participate in Patient Centered Health Home Model at Omni Family Health.

Performance Requirements:

  1. Knowledge of organizational policies, regulations and procedures to administer patient care.
  2. Knowledge of common safety hazards and precautions to establish a safe work environment.
  3. Knowledge of supervisory techniques and their application.
  4. Ability to identify problems, provide information and provide alternative solutions.
  5. Skilled in preparing and maintaining records, writing reports and responding to correspondence.
  6. Skilled in developing and maintaining department quality assurance.
  7. Skilled in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with patients, medical staff and the public.
  8. Ability to work independently with minimum on/off site supervision.
  9. Ability to maintain quality control standards.
  10. Ability to react calmly and effectively in emergencies.
  11. Ability to interpret, adapt and apply appropriate written guidelines and work practices.
  12. Ability to communicate clearly.

Qualifications, Experience, and Education:


  • Master’s Degree in Social Services or completion of nursing program.


  • Minimum four (4) years’ experience in related field
  • Minimum two (2) years’ experience in an HIV/EIS program.
  • Minimum two (2) years’ experience working in a health care setting with project management and supervisory responsibilities.


  • Valid California driver’s license, proof of insurance and personal Transportation.
  • Licensed as a Registered Nurse in the State of California preferred.


  1. Specific knowledge, experience, and demonstrated ability in areas of budget development and management, supervision and management of personnel, grant management, communication and leadership skills is expected.
  2. Knowledge and understanding of customs, beliefs, and needs of consumer group(s) served.
  3. Technical writing with specific experience in grant proposal submission and program reporting desired.
  4. Bilingual in English/Spanish preferred but not required

Responsible to:  Director of Clinical Services

Classification:  Exempt position, full-time