Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Manager

Job Summary:           Under the general direction of the Director of Information Systems, this position will focus on data governance, analytics and developing the business analytics department to help improve and model the data of the organization; quality of case, patient satisfaction rate, and productivity to increase the overall efficiency across all departments corporate wide. Additionally, this position will be responsible for the organization’s data warehouse architecture and create business intelligence dashboards and interactive reports in support of the strategic goals of the organization.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Determines and defines data needed to be collected and the appropriate data resources for specific data projects including but not limited to computerized systems and hard copy data stores.
  2. Formulates, implements, and enforces proper data collection policies and procedures
  3. Trains and educates users on data collection tools, equipment and develops proper data collection process
  4. Develops a data verification process to assure data is accurate and justified.
  5. Facilitates data quality standards and works with reporting agencies and organization stakeholders to ensure standards and data verification.
  6. Ensures quality data collection techniques are established for reporting purposes
  7. Assists in maintaining interfaces between systems that facilitate the transmission and collection of data
  8. Develops data modeling and dashboards for consumption by specific departments
  9. Develops in conjunction with other business user’s rules for data sets, collection and use.
  10. Monitor and manage tickets submitted and hold data team accountable for timely close of tickets and issues.
  11. Provides guidance, coaching and mentorship to the data team.
  12. Manages contract with data collection software vendor
  13. Maintains close working relationship with software vendor
  14. Ensures data system is operational, functional and effective and rectify through analysis and training.
  15. Provides necessary access to reporting agencies to submit data
  16. Assists reporting agencies with set-up, testing, and implementation of data collection software.
  17. Troubleshoots data submission errors and data error issues
  18. Ensures that all vendor updates are properly installed and rolled out
  19. Performs and documents procedures for data preparation including data cleaning, standardization and analysis
  20. Develops data collection and evaluation methodologies, including format design, project criteria and requirements, data compilation, relevancy and usage.
  21. Develops and implements evaluation methodology related to various data programs to determine completeness and adequacy of the data collection procedure.
  22. Understands and ensures privacy law and standards
  23. Evaluate and analyze current systems to improve operations and patient care
  24. Prepares data, through dashboards, multidimensional reports for distribution and consumption of executives and leaders.
  25. Develops a process for ad-hoc reports as necessary
  26. Present verified data where needed
  27. Develops the process to integrate the data of the organization with various internal and external sources.
  28. Researches and recommends trending, predictive analysis and artificial intelligence technology.
  29. Shares data with other State and Federal agencies, as required
  30. Facilitates the secure transmission of data as needed
  31. Consults with IT Management and internal department staff on data and reporting problems and assists in developing means to correct the problems
  32. Foster relationships with other entities in regards to data collection, reporting and transmission
  33. Provide on-going subject matter expert consultation and technical assistance as required.
  34. Other related duties as directed by CIO.

Job Requirements:

  1. HIPAA compliance – Responsible for being aware of, and complying with, all HIPAA regulations and requirements. Treats all patient information as confidential.
  2. Compliance – Ensures compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.
  3. Quality Assessment/Quality Improvement – Participate as assigned in QA/QI activities and contribute towards the overall performance improvement in the organization.
  4. Information Technology – Required to understand each and every key and core business application system in use I.e. NextGen EHR, SAGE, ADP, Office 365, Cloud computing, Data Loss Prevention and contingency planning.
  5. All employees will participate in Patient Centered Health Home Model at Omni Family Health.
  6. Ability to supervise, plan, design and direct the work of subordinate staff as assigned.
  7. Demonstrates the ability and experience in planning, budgeting, organizing, and documenting network and systems design and configuration.
  8. Perpetuate industry best practices philosophy among team and facilitate continuous improvement in staff and technology systems.
  9. Embody strong dedication to customer service for internal and external customers and develop strong interdepartmental relationships.
  10. Strong written, verbal and communication skills. With the ability to be persuasive, confident and content expert on subject matter.
  11. Reliable transportation.
  12. Promote and believe in OFH mission statement and vision.
  13. Develop and co-author IT departmental policies, procedures, standards and protocols
  14. May provide after-hours support as needed and other job-related work as required.
  15. Demonstrates promptness and sense of urgency pertaining to projects, outages, policies and procedures.
  16. Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others to include vendors.
  17. Performs other job-related work as required.


  1. Education: Bachelor’s degree in information technology/computer science, business, clinical or related field This can be substituted with 6 years documented experience in database development, business intelligence or data architecture.
  2. Experience: Equivalent experience in mentoring junior level IT staff is required; 2 years in an IT lead position, preferably in a healthcare setting. Experience in successfully managing and delivering multiple projects.
  3. Knowledge: Strong knowledge of SQL, SSRS, SSIS, data analytics, business intelligence, project management, process documentation, advanced SQL querying.