Clinical Staff Pharmacist

Title:                           Clinical Staff Pharmacist

Job Summary:           This position is responsible in the operation and support of OFH programs including HHP. An individual in this position will be expected to perform additional jobs related responsibilities and duties as assigned and/or as necessary.

Job Duties:

  1. Oversees the implementation of and participation in community outreach programs and encourages associates to serve as a good member of the community.
  2. Ensure Compliance with company and legal policies, procedures, and regulations for assigned areas by analyzing and interpreting reports, implementing and monitoring loss prevention and safety controls, overseeing safety, operational, and quality assurance reviews, developing and implementing action plans, and providing direction and guidance on executing organization programs and strategic initiatives.
  3. Ensures Confidentiality of information, documentation, and assigned records as required by organization policies, and local, state and federal guidelines.
  4. Models, enforces and provides direction and guidance to associates on proper Patient service approaches and techniques to ensure patients’ needs, complains, and issues are successfully resolved within the organization guidelines and standards.
  5. With the support of the pharmacy Manager and compliance team prepares the pharmacy and ensures compliance for any HRSA, OSV, JCAHO, OPA,  and county audits or any kind of audit.
  6. Ensuring hazardous waste and expired medications are being treated accordingly with the local, State and Federal Regulations
  7. Fills clinic used medication and med rooms; fills the Home Deliveries orders in a timely manner to ensure prompt care to patients’ health needs.
  8. Process returning non picked up prescriptions to stock are being done in a timely manner ensuring inhibition of any third party insurance fraud.
  9. Providing patient Care to patients by processing and accurately dispensing orders, administering immunizations, counseling patients and maintaining confidential information, controlled medication and required documentation.
  10. Pharmacy managers will follow all Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees policies, procedures and Formulary decisions, and will follow any protocols that facilitate the prescription refills approvals to ensure no disruption of patient care. 
  11. Will follow any State approved programs that maximizes Pharmacist Clinical roles upon Physicians’ Standing orders or Collaborative agreement.
  12. Network internally and externally, builds trusting, collaborative relationships and alliances with others, inside and outside of the organization. Relates to others in an accepting and respectful manner, regardless of their organizational level, personality or background. Promotes a team-based work environment that respects, embraces, and values diversity in others
  13. Ordering, receiving and accounting for medication in accordance with generally accepted practices and corporate policies, when applicable.
  14. Responsible for review of expiration dates and removal and return of medication near expiration to manufacturers or suppliers as usually and customarily accepted.
  15. Supervise all clinical functions of pharmacy duties as required by the CA Board of Pharmacy;
  16. Maintain all required documentation for collaborative practice programs as required by law, and update annually accordingly;
  17. Remain current with changes to Pharmacy laws affecting clinical practices and communicate with local inspector regularly;
  18. Keep complete patient records from every interaction both in EMR and hard copy formats;
  19. Work with Billing Department to ensure all claims are billed correctly and reimbursements rates reflect clinical services;
  20. Counsel patients on proper use of their medicines based on their laboratory values make recommended changes to insulin/Warfarin therapies and obtain physician approval;
  21.  Be available as needed to present or counsel with the board on new updates or implementations of pharmacy clinical programs;
  22. Participate in the preceptor program for pharmacy schools approved by Omni Family Health, supervise and educate students in a productive manner, maintain their HIPPA, immunizations, and required forms;
  23. Conduct flu clinics, both on and off-site as needed; administer immunizations for all clinic patients if referred by their prescriber;
  24. Under any collaborative agreement will work side by side with a doctor to get as an advanced practice pharmacist (APP)
  25. Under approved Protocols he will assist in getting refills approved to patients and help in outreaching for patients directing them to our clinics and to get advantage of our pharmacies.
  26. Oversees the P&T committee activities assisting in developing formularies and continuously checking with providers on the efficacy of the products selected.
  27. Perform all other tasks as required by administration.

Additional Duties:

  1. HIPAA compliance – Responsible for maintaining abreast of and in compliance with all HIPAA regulations and requirements. Treats all member information confidential.
  2. IT – Required to learn and use the Electronic Health Record and Practice Management System and its components. As required by the job functions and highlighted in the Policies and Procedures. These components include NextGen, PMS, QSI and other electronic features, as they are developed and implemented, as applicable to work environment.
  3. All employees will participate in Patient Centered Health Home Model at Omni Family Health.

Qualifications, Education, and Experience:


  1. Completion of accredited pharmacy program with certification/degree.


  1. Minimum one year of pharmacy related experience preferred.


  1. Must have a valid, active California pharmacy license.
  2. CPR certified.


  • Must have an interest in working in a community health center setting.
  • Completion of ACPE accredited immunization training program when needed.
  • Basic Typing Skills
  • Basic typing skills.
  • Promote and believe in OFH mission statement.
  • Ability to relate to the public regardless of ethnic, religious and economic status.
  • Basic computer skills with ability to enter and locate information on computer
  • Ability to present information to small or large groups and individuals.
  • Effectively communicates in person or by using telecommunication equipment.
  • Ability to create documents, enter data into spreadsheets, and generate/write memorandum, notices, and reports.
  • Visually inspects equipment to ensure good working order.
  • Moves through narrow, confined spaces such as stacks of merchandise or supplies, storage areas, and closets.

Responsible to:           Pharmacy Manager and/or Pharmacy Administrator Classification:             Full-time; Non Exempt position