Associate Medical Director


 TITLE:      Associate Medical Director (AMD)

Job Summary:           The Associate Medical Director (AMD) for Omni Family Health (OFH) is a provider leader and possesses a passion and commitment to the mission of the organization. Provides assistance to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) with oversight and coordination of quality comprehensive medical care to a variety of health center patients, in an efficient and cost-effective manner, for both the health centers and the organization. Works with OFH staff to maintain compliance with JCAHO, HIPAA, and other accreditation and regulatory standards.

Job Duties:

 Essential Skills and Experience

  1. Ability to coordinate quality medical care in the outpatient setting.
  2. Interest in fostering organizational/ physician/patient cooperation towards improving the delivery of care.
  3. Ability and evidence of competence in general office procedures and organizational effectiveness.
  4. Ability to adequately act as a liaison between the organization and the medical staff of the health center.

Position Responsibilities

Every Omni Family Health Leader will strive to maximize the performance and contribution of each team member to Omni and the community that we serve every day. Leaders will set clear performance expectations, provide on-going feedback and coaching to improve results and outcomes and provide regular performance evaluations. Leaders are expected to work in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to quality, patient safety, employee engagement, innovation and to model for all other employees the highest standards of personal integrity, professionalism and competence.

 Serves as primary liaison between their Health Center’s and Chief Medical Officer

  1. Assists with developing, coordinating and enforcing medical policies and procedures. Educates clinical staff on rationale and need for adherence to medical policies
  2. Assists in implementing the Patient Centered Medical Home model including improving clinical workflows and patient satisfaction
  3. Supervises, monitors, audits and evaluates Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in their health center and other assigned health centers
  4. Assists with recruitment of medical staff, including interviewing candidates
  5. Assists with the development and coordination of diagnosis-related practices and guidelines
  6. Works cooperatively with the Health Center Practice Managers, and contributes to the evaluation of the Practice Manager in conjunction with the Director of Operations
  7. Supports staff competencies by assisting and planning educational training programs for physician staff. Additionally, is responsible for assessing competencies of licensed physician staff after receiving training.
  8. Understands the needs of OFH’s patients and provider personnel enough to be viewed as a credible, trustworthy leader.
  9. Supports the needs of OFH by traveling to other OFH clinics when staffing needs dictate the need for licensed personnel.
  10. Leads and/or attends and actively participates in meetings (e.g., department meetings, program meetings, employee staff meetings) and other activities as required or assigned.
  11. Attends workshops/seminars as necessary to increase skills and knowledge to provide effective care, treatment, and/or leadership.
  12. Supports the overall needs of OFH by working flexible or extended hours when necessary.
  13. Displays a positive, professional and respectful demeanor at all times toward employees, peers, professional contacts, and patients served, maintaining a professional appearance and positive image for the OFHs.
  14. Maintains confidentiality and respect for information regarding patients and other team members; abides by OFH Rules of Confidentiality and general HIPAA regulations regarding privacy.
  15. Meets regularly with the Chief Medical Officer, and other medical leaders, to improve clinical care and processes
  16. Other duties as assigned by the Chief Medical Officer

Commitment to Care Responsibilities:

PCMH - Promotes and participates in interdisciplinary communication and collaboration to enhance the delivery of quality across the health care system. Maintains an environment which supports and engages patients and co-workers in a caring team-based model to promote wellness and improve health outcomes.

Complies with Omni’s written standards, including its Compliance Program and Standards of Conduct, policies and procedures and reporting of any conduct that potentially violates Omni’s legal or compliance requirements.

Supports and creates a culture around service and accountability with the Medical Department and OFH personnel.

Understands the patient experience and takes responsibility in the further development and refinement of that experience.

Supports OFH’s commitment to care and service by functioning as point person for OFH’s quality improvement program. Responsible for ensuring clinical chart audits and other clinically related performance improvement measures are completed with feedback to appropriate personnel.

Supports OFH’s commitment to quality by coordinating and ensuring that newly hired physician personnel meet established medical competencies as defined within their particular scope of work.

Guarantees that physician staff meet OFH’s expectations to patient-focused care and quality service by ensuring the physician staff adherence of adopted internal and external protocols, policies and procedures.

Qualification Requirements:


  • Medical Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathy
  • Master’s degree in medical management or public health preferred


  • Two years of experience working in a management capacity in a health care institution or agency
  • Ideal candidate will have prior experience in a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)


  • A valid California Physician’s License in primary care medicine.
  • Board Certified or Board-eligible primary care designation, Family Practice preferred. May consider specialty care and sub-specialties based on experience.


  1. Ability to understand the needs of the organization in relation to department and effectively allocate resources within their area to do the most good.
  2. Strong business, as well as medical sense: maintenance of productivity according to annual targets and performance levels.
  3. Bilingual (English-Spanish) ideal, but not mandatory.
  4. Demonstrated ability to make decisions and solve problems by analyzing information and evaluating results and/or impact (both potential and real) then choosing the best solution to solve the issue.
  5. Understands how to get needed information. Observes, receives, and otherwise obtains information from all relevant sources in order to better understand relevant issues/concerns.
  6. Current knowledge of medical law, health care legislation, regulatory and accreditation standards (e.g., HEDIS, DOH, NCQA, HRSA).
  7. Able to quickly build and maintain rapport with patients and providers of differing backgrounds; team player.
  8. Developing Objectives and Strategies - Establishing long-range objectives and specifying the strategies and actions to achieve them.
  9. Interpreting the Meaning of Information for Others - Translating or explaining what information means and how it can be used.
  10. Possess a clear working knowledge of healthcare finance and the changing dynamics of both regional and national healthcare landscape.
  11. Ability to build and develop a team and create a service-oriented culture.
  12. Ability to establish a climate to achieve optimal performance levels.
  13. Encourages the use of data and metrics in the decision making process.