Best of Kern 2018!

Omni Family Health - Best of Kern - Best Medical Group

What is The Best Of Readers’ Choice Awards?

The Best Of Awards is a Kern County tradition. The selection process is simple: Whoever gets the most online votes wins that category. Winners proudly display their awards for years, showing customers and partners they are considered the best in their field.

How we can help Omni win a Best Of Award:

We need to be nominated! From November 5-19, the process is open for nominations. The top three nominees for each category will be selected to represent that category, and final voting for the winners will start early next year.

How can we vote?

 Step 1)

Go to

 Step 2)

Select ‘Health & Wellness’


 Step 3)

Scroll down to ‘Best Medical Group’ and type ‘Omni Family Health’ in the ‘Don’t See Your Favorite?’ box

 Step 4)

Enter your email, then press ‘Continue’


 Step 5)

Enter your information in the fields ‘First’, ‘Last Name’, and ‘Gender’ (Birthdate is not required)


Last Step)

   Press ‘VOTE’


Please note: You can vote only once per email address.