Accounts Payable Clerk

Job Summary:    Handles accounts payables and the like in accordance with corporate policies and procedures established in each specific area of disbursements.  Under the direction of Fiscal Management Associate, performs the above functions and any other duties or responsibilities which may be assigned.

Job Duties:           

  1. Keep accurate and updated files for all payables and disbursements as per policies and procedures established or as directed by the immediate supervisor.
  2. Prepare cash payment requisitions to reflect payments by fund source, department, sub department, and location “branch”.
  3. Key in all transactions related to the accounts payable journal and keep same up to date at all times as directed by the Accounting Manager and per established policies and procedures.
  4. Make sure all invoices are received and paid on time. In addition, stamp “paid” on the invoices that have been paid.
  5. Prepare all documentation required for cash disbursement in accordance with financial procedures.
  6. Responsible for collecting packing slips and make comparison of items received.
  7. Other duties as directed by the immediate supervisor, Fiscal Management Associate.

Additional Duties

  1. HIPAA compliance – responsible for maintaining abreast of and in compliance with all HIPAA regulations and requirements. Treats all member information confidential.
  2. Compliance – Ensure compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.
  3. QA/QI – Participate in QA/QI activities and contribute towards the overall performance improvement of the organization.
  4. IT – Required to learn and use the Electronic Health Record and Practice Electronic System and its components. As required by the job functions and highlighted in the Policies and Procedures.

Qualifications, Education, and Experience:


  1. Must have a high school diploma and a minimum of three years of specialized training in bookkeeping methods or other related field.


  1. Two years of college and training in bookkeeping or accounting work
  2. Three to five years of experience in similar work.


  1. Knowledge of the methods, practices and terminology used in financial and statistical record keeping.
  2. Knowledge of office practices, systems, and procedures.
  3. Ability to operate office machines and computerized accounting system. Knowledge of advanced computers is a must.
  4. Promotes and believes in OFH mission statement.
  5. Ability to relate to the public regardless of ethnic, religious and economic status.